Company events by boat

Celebrate the best corporate events by boat aboard a sailboat or catamaran.

Are you looking for an exceptional location in Barcelona for your company meeting? Interested in motivating your employees with an innovative approach to teambuilding? At BarcelonaSailTrips, we offer a wide selection of boats for corporate and teambuilding events in Barcelona. You’ll find the perfect boat for any occasion!

Company incentives BY BOAT

We have several options for corporate events on boat in Barcelona. You can choose from a variety of interactive activities such as regattas or mini sailing workshops to encourage and motivate your team.

These activities promote collaboration and team synergy. It is essential that your employees explore new ideas and strategies to tackle different tasks together. The sea environment provides an open and dynamic environment, ideal for strengthening relationships among your employees.

Depending on the number of participants, we can organize regattas with several sailboats or a catamaran sailing workshop.

In addition, if you simply want to recognize your team’s achievement of annual goals, we provide everything you need, such as drinks, snacks and music.


Enjoy your company’s party on a spacious catamaran or plan a custom branding event to boost your company’s public relations.

We offer you the option to customize our boats with flags, stickers and cushions to highlight your company’s branding and presence.


Surprise your client with an out-of-the-ordinary meeting or meet with your team in a spacious and quiet environment.

On our catamaran you will find the perfect logistics to hold meetings around the table at the back of the boat. Also, changing the usual environment can be beneficial for brainstorming sessions, as it increases creativity to conceive new ideas.

On the other hand, if you meet with a potential client, our boats are always impeccable to help you close that deal. Your clients will be impressed with the originality of the place you have chosen for your meeting. We will prepare bottles of cava and wine to create a relaxed atmosphere and allow you to enjoy the air and the views from the bow nets.