The April Fair in Barcelona

The April Fair of Barcelona, an explosion of color, joy and Andalusian tradition in the heart of Barcelona. This festival, which is celebrated two weeks after Easter, transports you to the streets of Seville without having to leave Catalonia.

A unique environment

The fairgrounds, located at the Fira de Barcelona, is transformed into an oasis of Andalusian teepees, colorful lanterns, flamenco music and Sevillanas. The atmosphere is infectious, with the “albero” under your feet, the aroma of tapas in the air and the rhythm of flamenco in your heart.

Andalusian tradition

Flamenco dresses, with their ruffles and vibrant colors, are the stars of the fair. The women are adorned with these dresses to dance sevillanas to the rhythm of clapping and guitars. The men, on the other hand, wear a short suit, with a Cordovan hat and vest.

Gastronomy for the palate

The fair would not be a fair without its delicious gastronomy. Typical tapas such as fried fish, croquettes, Iberian ham or tortilla de patatas are essential to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Don’t miss the classic rebujito and manzanilla to toast the party.

For all ages

The April Fair in Barcelona is a party for all ages. Children can enjoy attractions, games and children’s activities. Adults, on the other hand, can dance sevillanas, enjoy flamenco shows or simply relax in a unique atmosphere.

A unique event in Spain

The April Fair in Barcelona is a unique event in Spain that allows you to experience the Andalusian tradition without having to travel to Seville. If you want to enjoy an experience full of color, joy and flamenco, do not miss the next edition of the Feria de Abril in Barcelona.

Tips to enjoy the Fair:

  • Wear comfortable and cool clothing. The heat can be intense at the fairgrounds.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for dancing. Sevillanas are an important part of the fair.
  • Taste the Andalusian gastronomy. Tapas and typical drinks are a must.
  • Learn some sevillanas steps. You don’t need to be an expert to dance and enjoy the music.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere. The April Fair is a party to have fun and enjoy the company.

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