Barcelona, a city that awakens all the senses.

Be captivated by its architecture, culture, gastronomy and vibrant atmosphere. Get ready for an unforgettable trip with these 5 must-see stops in Barcelona:

Holy Family

Immerse yourself in Gaudí’s masterpiece, a temple that will transport you to another dimension. Walk along its facades, admire its stained glass windows and feel the spirituality that permeates every corner. Let yourself be enveloped by the light that filters through its colorful stained glass windows and feel the grandeur of its architecture.

2. Gothic Quarter

Lose yourself in the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, a labyrinth of history and medieval architecture. Walk through its narrow passages, discover hidden courtyards and breathe the medieval atmosphere that permeates every corner. Admire the Cathedral of Barcelona, an imposing Gothic building with gargoyles, flying buttresses and stained glass windows that will transport you to another era.

3. Park Güell

Enjoy an oasis of peace and color in Park Güell, another legacy of Gaudí. Be amazed by its mosaics, organic shapes and panoramic views of the city. Walk along its winding paths, contemplate its vibrant colors and feel the magic of this unique space that you must see if you are in Barcelona.

4. La Rambla

Stroll along La Rambla, the heart of Barcelona, a hive of life, street artists and emblematic stores. Don’t miss the Boqueria Market, a feast for the senses. Let yourself be carried away by the frenetic rhythm of the Rambla, enjoy its street animations and taste the delicious tapas in the bars of the market.

5. Sail along the coast of Barcelona

And to complete your sensory experience, discover Barcelona from a unique perspective: the sea. Embark on a boat tour with Barcelona Sail Trips and see the city from a different angle. Admire the majesty of the coast, discover hidden beaches and feel the freedom of the sea.

bachelorette party on boat in barcelona

What are you waiting for to start your adventure?

Add value to your experience:
  • Taste delicious food on board: Enjoy Spanish gastronomy while sailing along the coast.
  • Practice water sports: Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean Sea and enjoy activities such as snorkeling, kayaking or paddle surfing.
  • Admire the sunset from the sea: bid farewell to the day with a unique spectacle of colors on the horizon.

Barcelona Sail Trips offers you the opportunity to live a complete experience in Barcelona. Enjoy the city from land and sea and create memories that will last forever.

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